November 9, 2011

Day 313

So there are two pictures for today because I have to show how the project was supposed to turn out and what I got instead. Students were given a turkey to dress up in a disguise, and they were supposed to write a story about how the disguise was going to save the turkey from being eaten for Thanksgiving. The first picture is one example of what the project should look like. The bottom picture is a mix of twigs, leaves, grass, and pinecones that were taped onto the posterboard. Where is the turkey? Hiding under the leaf in the top left corner...only the turkey cut out is not there. Where is the story? In the top right hand sentence written in crayon that is almost the same color as the posterboard. And by the end of the day I was left with a pinecone and a stick in my floor. Oh, the stories that teachers have to tell. :/

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